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If you don’t already have gold fever, then building your own sluice box and finding some gold with it will be enough to give you a full blown case of it. There are two really basic ways to find gold. You can find plenty of gold by using a gold pan, and you can find even more gold by using a sluice box. Using a sluice is a great way to get into the hobby of gold prospecting, and once you get hooked, your free time will be spent down at your favorite stream or riverbed where you can use the sluice box that you built to find some gold. Using a sluice box is a great way to literally get your feet wet.

You don’t have to spend $100 or more to start using a sluice.

Gold prospecting is fun. There is absolutely no doubt about it, but your new hobby can get expensive really quick. You are going to need supplies. At a minimum, you will want your own gold pan, and you will also want your own sluice box. You could always buy a sluice box, and if you want to buy one, then you can expect to pay as little as $50.00, or as much as $200.00. The price will reflect the quality and size of the sluice box. The higher the price, the better the quality, and in most cases a higher price will also get you a bigger sluice box.

Thanks for the free plans! My son and I built the sluice box together and we had a good time doing it. He learned quite a bit about how and why a sluice box works. The best part though, was taking him out to my favorite spot and showing him how to use it. He was able to find some fine gold with it. Thanks again!

Mike in Arizona…

Does size matter?

When it comes to sluice boxes, a bigger sluice does not guarantee that you will find more gold. You will be able to process or move a lot more material through a larger sluice, but more material does not always mean more gold either. If you are not in a gold bearing area, then it does not matter what size sluice box you use, because you will not be finding any gold. Gold is only where you will find it.

What size sluice box should you use?

If you are just starting out, then a smaller sluice will do just fine. A smaller one will give you a taste of what it is like to start prospecting. You will be able to take it with you with very little effort and see if you are even going to like prospecting. There is a very good chance that you will love it.

Should I build my own sluice box?

Yes, you should build your own sluice box. It will give you a better idea of how a sluice works, and knowing that you found some gold with a sluice box that you built using our sluice box plans will do much more than put a smile on your face. It will give you a sense of accomplishment. You will be proud of what you have done.

Before you even think about building, you are going to need some sluice box plans. We have free sluice box plans available for an instant download. You read that right. Our sluice box plans are 100% free. With these plans you will be able to build your very own sluice box for less than ten bucks. You will need access to some very basic tools, and you will need to put a little elbow grease into it, but if you are not willing to put forth a little bit of effort, then gold prospecting is not for you in the first place. What are you waiting for? Just tell me where I should email the sluice box plans.